Labor Pains- Rated PG-13

Tony Miller

In the American Work system, the money belongs to two separate and equally important groups: The owners of capital, and those who labor. These are their stories. DUN DUN


After 15 years in hotels Tony was FIRED for helping a group of hotel workers organize. He started out as an overnight front desk clerk and worked his way up to the Executive Committee of the largest hotel ownership group in Virginia, with many fun stops along the way, including at Hilton Corporate. Tony. knows the difference between good owners and bad owners, and we think you deserve to know the truth about both of them.


Tune in for fun stories and creative ideas about working today in the USA. At Labor Pains, we feel that the best shows are the ones that mix stories, learning, and fun. We talk labor, money, community organizing, and wonky stuff with Community Leaders, Workers, and Business Owners, BUT, we also have fun talking about Hotel horror stories, Music, Booze, Spirituality and anything else our Buddies wanna chat about.

Don't forget our 100% guarantee:

We promise to talk about Sex, Drugs, or Rock & Roll at least once per episode, or you get 100% of the money you never spent back!