TLN Values and Ideas

Tony Miller

The Labor Network is For People Who Work. 

Welcome to our site, my name is Tony.

After being fired for organizing hotel workers, trying to get them the life they deserve, I decided to put together this project.

In America today, Working people and truly small businesses are getting screwed.  The county is filled with sadness, fear, hopelesness.  There is a total lack of Faith, Hope, and Love, and that needs to change.

At TLN we bring you programs that focus on 3 pillars:

  • Believe in Your Value- You are worth more than you think.  You are a Spiritual Being going through an Earthly experience.  Trust us, you are just as divinely created as any billionaire.  You have just as much of a right to a healthy and wealthy life as they do.  Once you learn to control your higher vibrations, you can certainly create a life of Health and Wealth!
  • Be Skeptical-  Enron famously told all of us to "Ask Why", and it was good advice!  Throughout human history, we've all been lazy.  It's so easy to let other people and groups think for you, and that's as true today as ever.  Just because someone has a college degree in something does not mean you cannot question them.  Just because you are told, "it has always been this way" does not mean you should accept it.  At TLN, we ask WHY, a lot, and it irritates everyone.  That's OK though.  Challenging fundamental assumptions is the only way to grow.
  • Believe in a Higher Reality- You are a spiritual being going through an Earthly experience.  You have a body, but you are NOT your body.  Chill out, everything is going to be OK!  The Universe loves you and wants you to enjoy this lifetime.  God loves You!

Your reality is created by what you consume, and be honest, a lot of it is about as healthy as a Double Quarter Pounder, fries, and a vanilla shake.  Don't get us wrong, there's a time and a place for junk food, but you deserve a break from that.  You deserve healthy media that will fuel positive vibrations.

Themes we like to cover.  At TLN, whether we are talking about labor and organzing on Labor Pains or chatting on TMS about taking control of your life through education and vibration, there are so many topics that will crossover.  Here are some core concepts that we think are super important to cover.

What IS Capital?-  Money, Power, Land, Education, Privilege.  Capital in the USA today comes in many forms.  Financial capital in the form of paper currency or what's written on a balance sheet is what most folks think of at first.  When most folks hear about "capital" or "capitalism" they immediately get angry.  They do this because they really do not understand the root of any system.  Value is, was, and will always be 100% subjective.  At TLN, we want to talk about MANY forms of capital, not just money:

  • A person with a gajillion active followers on IG or YouTube has more power than your wealthy, crazy, old uncle. 
  • A clever mind combined with a Harvard diploma will open many doors  that a check cannot.
  • Being socially connected to the "right" folks carries more weight than a platinum Amex.

Who Are You, and What Are You Doing Here?- We are all going through a life cycle on Earth.  You've probably been here before, and unless you fundamentally think about what it means to be here, you will probably be back again.  Before you came down here, you and your higher self made a list and a story about this experience.  Sometimes the experience is simple and easy, and sometimes it's nuts! 

Have Fun- This whole thing is based off of Tony's experience after getting fired for organizing hotel workers.  It will always be a work in progress.  We care, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

We thank you again for giving us a listen or a watch.  We hope you follow us, and we hope you tune in every day!

Love and Solidarity,


Founder- The Labor Network