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Tony Miller

Working people do the jobs wealthy and white collar folks won't do.  They consistently undervalue themselves, and that needs to change...NOW.  Until working folks realize how much leverage they possess, and until they get organized to exercise it, nothing will change.  They will continue to be oppressed by the owners of financial, social, and educational capital.  TLN is focused on sharing stories around how folks who choose to demand more, change their vibration, and get organized can WIN and create a life of health and wealth.

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The Morning Show- Join us weekday mornings from around 830-1030 (or watch reruns 24-7 immediately after) as Tony reads "the news", shares stories with working people and gives advice about how to get organized to get the money, working conditions, and benefits they deserve.  We start the morning with a Good Vibration from our crystals, asking the Universe to reflect our strong positive vibrations!

Labor Pains-  Our "podcast".  Tony chats with folks who labor, labor leaders, friends of labor, and other allies.  These are more long form chats.  If you live in a city and commute, or you consider yourself a real DC kinda nerd, this is one of the shows for YOU!

Little Caesar- Everyone wants to talk politics, and everyone loves "the law".  Tony stopped watching the news years ago, and his life improved immensely.  With that said, since you all have such hot takes and spend so much spiritual and emotional energy thinking about folks in elected legislature, I think we should go through the profiles of EVERY SINGLE House of Delegates Member and Senator in Virginia, you will see exactly what they do with their time writing "the law".  Remember, "the law" defined people as property and unworthy of participating in "democracy" based on their skin color and body parts for a LONG TIME...So, while we love that, according to the way most of you all talk, somewhere, at some point "the law" became perfect for all of the folks out there, we remain skeptical.  We submit that the LAW of "You are a Child of God, Treat Each Other Like It" is good enough for us.

Union Shout Outs- Working for a big company without a Union is like going to work every day by walking when you should be DRIVING!

You need a union like you need a motor vehicle.

Maybe its a car, maybe its a truck, maybe its a minivan.
Maybe its a Chevy, maybe its a Ford, maybe its a Chrysler.
Maybe its SEIU, maybe its Teamsters, maybe its Unite Here

There are lots of cars, and lots of unions.
Which one is for YOU?

Do the Math...Not The Meth:  Tony is 6/7 (or something like that) of a Cornell Engineer, so he pulls out the whiteboard and walks through money stuff every day.  

Ivy League Nonsense-

"U.S. elite institutions of higher learning -- the principal pathway to economic and political power in our society"- Senior Labor Organizer... and Harvard Alum

You can see Tony's Cornell Student Assembly binder with its sweet McCain-Palin sticker (different times!)We read the Cornell Daily Sun every day to remind our watchers/listeners that the real folks who exercise control over social, financial, and educational capital are ambitious and sharp folks who form powerful networks from their late teens and this sustains them through life.   Once they get to an elite college, these folks never look back, who could blame em?  Also, a lot of Juicy Campus references.

Good Vibrations- We are all Divine Spiritual Beings going through an Earthly Experience.  GOD is the creator of all of us, this place is samsara, ya know?  So, chill out and control your vibration.  The only way your life is going to get better is when YOU take control of it.  No one or no event can help you until you believe in YOUR value and worth.  Vibrate a life of health and wealth!

Bits and Bites- For little fun clips under a minute or so.  If you love TikTok and mindless junk like that, THIS is for you!

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